Door Prize Time

Games Night started with big dreams, but only 2 regular families. We’re now exceeding 40 people and we’d like to celebrate… when we reach 50!

When we reach the Big 5zero – 50 people – we’ll be giving away a door prize!

You’ll need to attend on the night this happens, which could be any time, so make sure you get to all the Games Nights! The prize will be a game to the value of approximately $50. That’s $1 per person. Hmmm… I wonder what could happen when we reach 100? See below for how the Big 5zero door prize will work.

  • Ellenbrook Games Night (‘Games Night’) is held every four weeks at GraceLife Community Centre, 66 Woodlake Blvd, Ellenbrook WA 6069, between 5 pm and 10 pm. Dates for 2019 are advertised in the banner of this newsletter, on our Facebook Page, and her on our website. Games Night is organised by Alex Huggett on behalf of GraceLife Church.
  • The Big 5zero door prize will be drawn at the first Games Night at which 50 people (not including infants and toddlers) attend and register on the same night, from the 18th of May 2019 until the final Games Night for 2019 (“5zero night”). A registered attendee will be selected at random to receive the prize. The prize will be a game chosen by the organiser to the value of approximately $50. If a young child’s name is selected, the organiser may award the game to their parent/s or carer/s (depending on the game – we don’t want to confuse little ones).
  • The prize draw will take place a reasonable time after the 50th person registers on 5zero night, but not before 8 pm. If the prize draw cannot be held that night, it will take place soon afterwards and the winner will be notified.
  • The Door Prize is open to all registered attendees 8 years and over on 5zero Night, except the organiser and his immediate family.
  • To be eligible to receive the door prize, you must register and attend Games Night on 5zero Night.
    • To register you must record your full name, phone number and email on the registration sheet (or a parent or guardian’s details for children under 17). You may only register once each night. There must be only one name per line
    • The goal of Games Night is to build community and the door prize is for genuine participants. ‘Attend’ means you stay for a reasonable time. ‘Reasonable’ is at the organiser’s discretion.
    • There is no cost or other obligation to be eligible.
  • If you are not present when the prize draw takes place, the organiser will contact you using your registered details. You will be responsible for the collection of the prize – we are unable to post or ship it. If the organiser is unable to contact you or the prize is not collected within one month, we will repeat the draw and offer it to another eligible entrant.
  • These terms and conditions may be changed by the organiser. Any changes will be advertised through our social media channels.

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