August Games Night Wrap Up

The worst of winter seems to be behind us, although I suppose we’re not out of the woolly weather woods yet (nor do we want to be really, those aquifers need all the help they can get). We had a very good turnout with 20 players.

Our game of the month was Sushi Go. It was fun to teach a few new players. Qwirkle was a hit as usual, as was the Logo game, among others.

Talking about aquifers, we got Terraforming Mars to the table this month. Terraforming Mars is a multi-award winning science fiction themed game in which, as the title suggests, you’re terraforming the planet Mars. Your aim is to increase temperature and oxygen and oceans to their maximum level. The player is the person with the most victory points which you collect by raising said factors, by building cities, and by collecting cards with victory points. The cards also allow you to trigger other events and processes. This is a moderate to heavy game — once you get the hang of it, the mechanics of the game are pretty straight forward, but working out your strategy is a real challenge and there are lots of options to keep track of. It’s not a ‘switch your brain off’ kind of game.

What did you play at Games Night? Tell us your favourite!

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