Is Sushi Go Fun to Play?

You’re sitting in one of those sushi bars with dishes travelling past you, grabbing what you fancy, or just what you can get. You’re never entirely sure what’s going to come past, or even if there will be a dish you want. Or so I’m told. That’s the idea behind Sushi Go, a fast and easy to learn card drafting and trick taking game. Sushi Game is designed by Aussie game designer, Phil Walker-Harding for 2-5 players.

How Easy is it to Learn?

Sushi Go is super easy to learn. Board Game Geek gives it a complexity rating of 1/5 – it’s a light game that anyone can play. The instructions are short and full of colourful illustrations.

The game is played in three rounds. Each round you are dealt a number of cards depending on the number of players. For a 2 player game you’d be dealt 10 cards. Each turn you’ll select one card to keep and then pass the rest to the next player (this is the drafting mechanic). The player on the other side of you is doing the same thing, so each turn your hand reduces by 1 until all the cards are played and the score for that round is calculated. At the end of the game the scores are tallied and the winner is the person with the most points.

The idea is that you want to collect sets of cards (the trick taking mechanic). Different sets are worth different amounts, but you never know if the cards you need will come around, or if you had to make a hard choice, if it will come around again before someone else nabs it.

How Easy is it to Play?

Sushi Go is super easy to play. There’s no setup to speak of – just shuffle the cards and deal them. The cards are nice quality, and the rules are really simple so there’s nothing complicated to track.

How Easy is it to Win?

There’s a bit of strategy to Sushi Go, but a whole lot more luck. Your carefully laid plans can go to pieces in the matter of a couple of turns, so you really need to be flexible. It might take a new person a couple of games to get their head around the strategy – particularly how the card combinations work – but it’s such a quick game and the rules are so simple that this really isn’t an issue.

Is it Fun to Play?

Despite it being such a light game, it’s really popular on Board Game Geek with a rating of 7/10. The cards are brightly illustrated and the game is fast – the box says 15 minutes but it’s closer to 10. Everyone plays every turn so there’s very little waiting for others. And the game is constantly changing so it has a nice element of suspense. As an aside, it comes in a small, travel friendly tin.

Who Will Enjoy It?

The box says Sushi Go is for ages 8+, so it’s good for families and beginners, but experienced gamers will enjoy it as a quick filler game as well. It’s good, simple fun and you should have a go if you get the chance.

There is another version of the game called Sushi Go Party which can play up to 8 people and has more card options. I haven’t played it but am told you can play the regular version with it, so you might want to check that out as well.

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