June Games Night

What a great night we had in our June Games Night. Pizza, curry, party pies, and lot of games. We even let Monopoly into the building and didn’t have to kick anyone out for bad behaviour!

It was great to see people picking up new games.

I got to teach one of our kids and their mum and dad Catan Junior, a new game to Games Night. It’s a simplified version of the venerable full version and the adults had as much fun as the 6 year old! If you’re interested in Catanbut find learning games a bit daunting, Catan Junior would be a great stepping stone.

I got to teach Kingdomino, It’s a simple tile matching game and the 2017 Game of the Year winner. I’d recommend the ‘expansion’, Queendominobecause everything you need for Kingdomino is included, plus more. Or, with both, you can play with more players. I’ll probably review this soon, so stay tuned. Tragically I discovered I’ve lost a Kingdomino tile, possibly in Busselton! It almost feels like the time I left my infant son in a shopping trolley in Coles, only I got him back (without being picked up for negligence).

Mysteriumwas another game I saw people trying out for the first time. This is a fun cooperative twist on Cluedo (which turns 70 next year!) in which you have to figure out whodunit. Only, it’s the victim’s ghost giving clues and he/she can only communicate through very vague pictures.

Finally, another new-to-Games-Night game was 7 Wonders Duel. As the name suggests it’s a two player game in which you have to earn victory points by drawing cards to build your city or wonder. We’ve been playing it a lot in our household.

I look forward to seeing you at our next games night. Don’t forget to like our Facebook Page and subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss any of our news and game reviews.


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